Weed eater gas trimmer Review

The revolutionized outdoor power tool, weed eater is world’s first string trimmer. It was launched in 1970 and since then this innovation efficiently seconds lawn mower.

The weed eaters are helping the average home garden owners since years to make the maintenance work easier. The gas powered models of the weed eater are environment friendly and less polluting. Due to the strict environmental regulations around the world; weed eater grass trimmers are far less polluting.

Weed eater gas trimmer is a part of weed eater feather lite family. Read on to know more about the features and specifications of weed eater gas trimmer. Also be sure to check out our full review on Orbitrim and similar products!


  • Construction: The weed eater is lightweight which makes it easy to use and carry. The maneuvering appliance in perfect for those who are not good at carrying or holding the appliances. The lightest product in our line up with 10 pounds weight, weed eater is easy to assemble. The debris guard on the cutting swath prevents the debris from flying around and scattering. The pioneering tool is designed in such a way that it revolutionizes the way people groom their lawns. The handle of the trimmer is adjustable so that user of any height can work with it.
  • Power: The trimmer is equipped with 25-cc, two cycle engine. It is due to this engine the straight-shaft trimmer whip off the weeds easily. The heavily advertised trimmer will soon sync with your lawn care.
  • Working: The 15-inch cutting swath of the covers a reasonably bigger area that means you need to pass fewer areas while working. Due to the lack of anti-vibration technology, it is advised to take short breaks while working. Its prolonged use may develop muscle strain issues into your arms.  
  • Warranty and service: Weed eater trimmer is loaded with 2 years of warranty for parts, labor and the drive shaft. For further assistance you can call customer care or can check online user manual. You can also email the manufacturer.


  • The string trimmer is very lightweight for 25-cc engine. It weighs 10 pounds only.
  • It is cordless and hence you need not worry about distance.
  • Due to its sleek structure it never gets caught in bushes or trees.
  • It makes a very little noise.
  • The battery powered weed eater does not emit any toxic fumes.
  • The 15-inch cutting swath act as a debris guard and a convenient bump and feed mechanism to feed more.


  • You need to fully charge the battery for prolonged usage. You cannot cover a bigger farm with its help. It is best suited for smaller farms or yards.
  • The weed eater trimmer lacks anti-vibration technology due to which you may experience muscle fatigue after using it.
  • The trimmer does a wonderful job with soft grass but is not much efficient with harder weed.
  • Most of the trimmers can easily deal with small branches and trimmers but weed eater proves useless while working on it.
  • The trimmer does not start easily.

This is all in all a good trimmer for its price, however if your looking for the very best check out this gas trimmer!

Weed Eater Gas Timmer

Weed Eater Gas Timmer

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