Use your weed eater like a Pro

One of the most common garden tool of now-a-days, weed eater has become a must have in every household. It helps you in maintain the aesthetic beauty of your lawn.

Weed eater is an easy to use machine but still it is important to learn about its safety tips before you start using it. It will save you from the risk of any kind of severe injury. For the best weed eaters be sure to check our Weed eater and weed whacker buyers guide!

We have listed a few safety tips for first time users of weed whackers.

  • Pre-working arrangements: It is important to look for the weather before you start working. Trimming cannot be done if it is raining or grass is wet. The risk of slipping, sliding or falling in the grass increases if it is wet. It may cause injury to you or to the weed whacker as well. Secondly, clear off the line of any trash. Weed whackers may throw the objects up to 50 feet away. Clearing the area will ensure your safety.
  • Safety Gear: An extra layer of clothing will prevent the falling of dirt or debris on you. Safety glasses, gloves and head gear are must to protect your face, eyes and hand.
  • Adjust your height: The height of most of the weed eaters available in the market is adjustable. Adjust its height according to yours so that it will stay at a safe distance from you.
  • Choose the right trimming speed: Set the trimmers throttle just right according to the height of the grass. Do not exceed the speed much as you would have to deal with more noise and vibration in that case. You may b=need the full throttle while cleaning the brush of the weed eater.
  • Tap on the grass: If you are going to tap your trimmer to align the line properly, always tap it on the grass. Tapping the weed whacker on the asphalt surface may harm its body and construction.
  • Use the right trimmer line: Refill the cutting line of the trimmer only with the particular brand of the line mentioned in customer manual. Its thickness, if it is too thin or thick does matter. Other materials would not work properly and may cause harm to your weed whacker as well. It will also increase the risk of flying the risk to long distances.
  • You can also experiment with different type of line to get best results.
  • Work in right direction: Most of the trimmers move in clockwise direction and that is why it is important to move them from right to left. Check the owner’s manual for more details.
  • Trim high grass from top to bottom: If the height of the grass you are going to chop is more than 8 feet, cut the top of the plant first with shorter strokes instead of trying to cut the whole plant as one.
  • Use blades for heavy trimming: If you are going to cut the thicker plants, remember to replace the blades of your trimmer.
  • Clean up and storage: It is very important to clean the device properly before storing it for using in the future.     
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