Types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are kind of machines that use rotating blades to cut the grass evenly. If you own a lawn, lawn mowers are more than important to you. They help you to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your lawn by removing all the weeds out there.

Lawn mowers were invented long ago ad their designs and working have come a long way since then. Depending on their construction, designing and working, lawn mowers can be classified into following 5 categories. Each has their own merits and demerits based upon their working.

  • The original push reel mowers: This is the traditional pattern of the lawn mowers. Lawn mowers used to look like this when they were invented in 1830. It consists a whorl of between five to eight spiral shaped blades which is spin by the gears that is passed by a stationary blade located at the rear.  Both of the gears work together to slice the blades of the grass. It helps you to achieve the ultimate target of a smooth, fine surface.
  • This type lawn mower is easy and safe to use. It stops cutting the blades of the grass right when you stop pushing it. It does not operate on engines and that is why it does not make any noise while working.
  • Push reel mowers have limited cutting ability and is suitable to smaller lawns that need trimming only.  
  • The popular walk behind power lawn mower: These kinds of lawn mowers are most popular around the world. It is available in both gas and electric models. These can be either rotary or reel. Among the two, rotary mowers are more popular because they are less expensive and require less maintenance. It is known to mow the tallest grass with ease.
  • Riding lawn mowers: Especially designed for larger farms, riding lawn mowers are in great demand. It is fitted with seats and can control all the operations and working off without even getting up. Most of the riding lawn mowers are loaded with manual transmissions, only a few have hydrostatic transmission. These kinds of lawn mowers exist somewhat between tractors and lawn mowers.
  • Hover mowers: This kind of mowers have an impeller just above the spinning blades. The impeller performs the function of pushing air downwards. The power of air creates a cushion and the mower simply floats in the air. Hover mowers have plastic bodies and an electric motor. These kinds of mowers are specially designed for steep slopes, waterfronts or high weeded areas. These are often used in golf courses and commercial landscapes.    
  • Robotic mowers: The most advanced kind of lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers can mow your lawn unsupervised. Just turn it towards the direction you want to mow your lawn. It contains border wires that define the area to be mowed. As people are getting busier in their lifestyles, robotic mowers are getting more popular day by day. If you do not have time for mowing your lawn, robotic mowers are an ideal choice for you.  

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