Shindaiwa Weed Whacker Review

One of the best landscaping professional, Shindaiwa is a high-performance device. It works well for both professional and residential consumers. The trimmer is designed in an excellent way. Its sound design has full technical support.  

The lightweight yet powerful tool, Shindaiwa features the best bump head by far. It holds so many lines and works best. It supports a limited number of accessories and performs many tasks apart than trimming. Most of the attachments such as nylon or wire brushes are used for power sweeping. Before we move on, we would like to recommend you to check our full review on Orbitrim and compatible gas trimmers and weed whackers!

Have a look at features and specifications of the Shindaiwa weed eater.


  • Construction: Shindaiwa trimmer is designed in a way that is easy to start. It can be conveniently started from its pull-cord starter. The lightweight structure of the trimmer is quite easy to handle. The 21.2 cc engine of the trimmer is both powerful and lightweight. This 20-inch radius of the trimmer head is quite impressive. It is almost as large as the size of lawn mowers. The enormous size of the cutting head cleans the ground quickly and efficiently. The head of the trimmer is also covered with debris shield and bump line feeder. You can tap the trimmer head on the ground with the help of bump feed to replace the worn out line.
  • Power: It runs on a mixture of oil and gas. The gas tank of the trimmer can hold up to 14.9 ounces of gasoline and oil mixture. This much fuel is sufficient to keep it running for over an hour.
  • Working: The trimmer is loaded with anti-vibration technology that allows you to use it comfortably. It reduces shock to your muscles and stabilizes it while operations. The best part of using this unit is that you can convert it into a brush cutter, hedge trimmer or a pole turner. The efficiency of the tool is proven with the usage of accessories. The multi-tool trimmer is no less than a pro.
  • Warranty and service: Shindaiwa provides you with many technical support services. The company offers you with online manuals, direct email or telephone services and service centers. The five-year warranty of Shindaiwa is best one can have. This trimmer’s drive shaft is supported with lifetime guarantee. The warranty of the trimmer is best in its line.


  • The colossal of the 20-inch cutting width is largest among most of the products.
  • You can fill in the gas in the trimmer by using the same can you use for the lawnmower.
  • Shindaiwa weed whackers are very durable and last for many seasons.
  • The maintenance of the gas trimmer fits into your budget. 
  • The 2-cycle engine of the trimmer is not easy to use when compared with 4-cycle engines, yet it works well.


  • There is not much flexibility in choosing the accessories for landscaping purpose. You can select among the limited accessories only.
  • You would have to pay a hefty price to own this shindaiwa weed whacker. 
  • If you want to run it properly

We really liked this product, the only real downside is that its a bit pricey. If its a bit out of your budget we would like to recommend you to check out the Homelite Gas Trimmer as its a great alternative thats a big lighter on your wallet.

Shindaiwa weed whacker

Shindaiwa weed whacker

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