Ryobi Gas Trimmer Review

Ryobi gas trimmer is commonly known as 2-cycle gas trimmer. The weed whacker comes with a straight shaft that helps you to reach constricted areas. Anyone, from a senior to a kid, can be assigned the lawn duty of using this garden appliance. It does not need any training.

Ryobi gas trimmer includes a power head, a straight shaft trimmer, REEL easy string head and 2 cycle ethanol shield oil.

Let us have a detailed look on the physical and technical aspect of Ryobi gas trimmer.


  • Construction: Ryobi gas trimmer is attached to a long straight shaft which has a handle. The height of the handle is adjustable and the user can set it according to his height. This way you can work more comfortable and can work up to your own satisfaction level. The brand manufactures its own attachments such as tillers, edges and blowers so that you can easily finish your chores. The extra tools fasten up your work and you can spend less time toiling away your work.
  • Power: Ryobi shaft string trimmer works with a full crank engine which doubles its life. It enables the zip trimmer to start with carburetor and includes ethanol shield 2 cycle oil. You can easily trust this product for your outdoor trimming needs.   
  • Working: Ryobi Expand IT system saves you time and money. Above all, it saves you space as well. Being sleek, it moves forward easily and removes weeds from the narrowest places. The 4-inch shaft of the gas trimmer clears away all the unwanted grass, weed or any other unwanted vegetation to marry the experience of beautiful lawn. When you work on landscaping sites, the weed eater vibrates.
  • Warranty and service: The gas trimmer is backed by a 3-year warranty: 3-year for the shaft and 3-years for part and labor. It is better than average warranty because most of the gas trimmers are backed with standard 2-years warranty. The company also backs up this weed eater with an excellent service too.  They are very quick to answer the queries.
  • Where to buy from: The weed eater can be availed from local Ryobi stores or you can order it online as well.

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  • The height of Ryobi gas trimmer handle is adjustable. The user can adjust the height of the handle according to his height and can trim the lawn comfortably.
  • You can use this gas trimmer with a numerous attachments like tiller, edger or blower.
  • It features a cutting radius of 18 meters.


  • Ryobi gas trimmer is quite heavy to use. The twelve pound gas trimmer is a bit difficult to pull.
  • The weed trimmer vibrates in your hands as you work on landscaping tasks. You will definitely feel the vibration. The engine of the gas trimmer lacks specialization in anti-vibration feature.

It is advised to store the device properly to get similar results in the future as well.

 On the whole, it is a pretty good product. If youre not interested in this one, we'd recommend you to check the Homelite Gas Trimmer.
Ryobi gas trimmer

Ryobi gas trimmer

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