Rino-tuff Push-n-load 2-line Trimmer Head Review

The Rino-tuff push and load two line trimmer head is one of the best trimmer heads available on the market.  This replacement trimmer head facilitates fewer stops to replace the line and works with all most all gas straight shaft and curved shaft trimmers.  The easy and quick line loads avoid the pain of working with the matted spool. 

The Rino-tuff 2-line push-n-load trimmer head can fit all line shapes and sizes from 0.050 inches to 0.130 inches. This replacement trimmer head is a universal fit, and it fit for 99 percent of all gas trimmers. The Rino-tuff is the perfect option for light trimming and cutting grass, especially compared to the Orbitrim trimmer head.. The Push-n-load trimmer blades last longer than line and you can easily change the blades with original push-button technology. The package includes six strong nylon blades and an adapter-kit for quick and easy installation. However, the Rino-tuff trimmer head is not designed to cut the edges. Be sure to check our trimmer head buyers guide before you make up your mind on which trimmer head is the best for you!

When you want to replace the trimmer head, you should remember not to make any kind of modifications or adjustments that are not listed in the operator manual of your trimmer or if it is not found in the instruction sheet. You should totally follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions and safety rules before installing the trimmer line.  If you make unofficial modifications to your trimmer, then your trimmer may fail and the trimmer head may cause you serious injuries. 

Easy Installation:

Installing Rino-tuff 2-line trimmer head is easy, and in just three easy steps you can install the trimmer head. You just need to select the right method. To replace the trimmer head follow these simple steps:

-Remove the old trimmer head 

-Find the right bolt or nut that you need for replacement

-Install the new trimmer head

Method 1:

This installation method is for some curved shafts and most straight shafts with a male-bold end, including Poulan, Weedeater, etc. Before removing the old trimmer head, take a look at your owner’s instruction manual to find the method to bolt shaft rotation. Detach the entire trimmer head with your hand to depict the threaded shaft.  Find the nut that can be easy to thread onto the shaft. Now, place the nut and tighten the screw of the trimmer head. If the trimmer moves up and down, then use a washer to fix the gap.  To replace the blades, take a look at the trimmer blade loading part in the instructional manual. 

Method 2

This installation method for some straight and most curved shaft trimmers.  To replace the trimmer head, the first step is to remove the knob and just remove the upper trimmer head, including a spool, knob, and string. Find the right bolt or nut in the package threads for the trimmer shaft. Put the bolt and tighten the trimmer head. Use your hand to tighten the head, and check if the head moves up and down then put a ¼ inch washer to fill the gap. 


-Universal fit for 99 percent of all gas straight and curved shaft trimmers

-Perfect  option for edging and trimming grass

-Easy and quick line loads

-Contain 0.095inches  an adapter-kit and six cut-to-length line strips for quick installation

-Fits all line shapes and sizes from 0.050inches to 0.130inches


-Fits for all gas curved and straight shaft trimmers

-Cuts everything neatly

-The blades last longer period

-Replacing the blades is easy 

-Works on a large range of trimmers


-Hard to Install

-Replacement Blades are Expensive

Overall, the Rino-tuff push-n-load 2-line trimmer head is the perfect trimmer as it works for both the curved shafts and straight shafts. Though it is a bit hard to install, you can still follow the exact instructions provided in the instructions manual for perfect installation. It is one of the best choices that are available on the market for an affordable price. 

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