Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed 2 Line Trimmer Head Review

Line trimmers are the tools that are designed to trim the grass neatly and smoothly. The Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed Line Trimmer Head is perfectly designed to cut the gas from edges and offers various benefits.

The two-line trimmer head is easy to store compared to various other grass trimmer devices as it does not have blades. Also, it does not require high-maintenance, as it does not need any grass cutting disks and equipment to do the job.  At the same time, this speed feeds two lines trimmer head is easy to use as it not have any steel frames, and no oiling is necessary to maintain the device. Compare it to other popular trimmer heads in our string trimmer head review.

The Oregon 55-265 Speed Feed 2-line Trimmer Head can cut easily, even on the uneven terrain. This line trimmer may be powered by gas, battery, and electricity. This 2-line trimmer head is lightweight and an eco-friendly trimmer that does not produce any harmful emissions. Its 4½inch two-line speed feed trimmer head fits on most straight shaft trimmer and its durable large eyelets enhance the life of the lines. The package also includes 7mm x 1.0LH 8mm x 1.25LH

Oregon Speed Feed Two-Line Trimmer Head is one of the best products produced by the company and Oregon is very popular chainsaw manufacturer in the world. Also, it is popular for its replacement trimmer head market globally. 

Oregon brand chains are used as standard equipment by 90 percent of the chainsaw manufacturers from all over the world and it is used by the professional farmers, loggers, and homeowners.  The company also manufacturers replacement belts, mower blades, and various other aftermarket replacement parts for power tools.

This 55-265 speed feed trimmer head takes less than thirty seconds to load. It does not need any disassembly, to replace the lines; you just need to slide line through the trimmer head till half of the line to be included in on each side of the trimmer head, hold the easy grip collar and wind line in. This strong semi-automatic trimmer head is specifically designed for medium to the tough application. It fits most straight shaft heads using 7-mil by 1.0 right-hand male, Eight Mil by 1.25 left-hand and ten Mil by 1.25 left-hand.

What you get:

  • The speed feed 2-line trimmer head package includes two-line 55-265 String Head Assemblies
  • Durable and valid OEM replacement part
  • Instructional manual for proper installation and  part number identification
  • Compatible with most straight shaft trimmers


  • It offers easy-to-load Speed Feed Trimmer Head
  • Takes less than 30seconds to load
  • No need to disassemble or no need to remove the trimmer head
  • Strong semi-auto trimmer head is designed for average to heavy-duty application
  • Inner wall feature reduces debris quantity and large robust eyelets enhances line life
  • Fits for most straight shaft trimmers


  • Easy-to-load
  • Mounts on almost all straight shaft trimmers
  • Durable large eyelets increases line life
  • Easy-to-install


  • 2-lines are not strong enough

Overall, it is one of the best products available in the market, and this durable 55-265 2-line Speed-Feed Trimmer Head offers durable service and gives you the best trimming experience. It is one of the improved models that have made several users happy with the product and its service.  The best thing about this product is, it is completely eco-friendly and it can fit without any adapter. Also, reloading the lines is easy, and you don’t need any tools to load. Don’t wait any longer to get this incredible and affordable Oregon 55-625 two lines speed feed trimmer head.

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