Maxpower 3317233 PivoTrim Trimmer Head Review

Maxpower 3317233 PivoTrim uses .095-inch pre-cut trimmer line is designed to fit for almost all gas trimmers that are available on the market. The manufacturer of Maxpower PivoTrim Trimmer head claims that the trimmer head is designed to install easily, and it offers amazing features along with0.095-inch pre-cut trimmer line. The Maxpower PivoTrim is different from other trimmer heads as it contains line strips instead of a line spool. The 0.095inch thick line lasts up to twenty percent longer than the usual line. Check our big trimmer head comparison review to compare it to other similar trimmer heads! The PivoTrim alternate line strips are designed in a particular way so that you can easily change when you need to replace the broken line strips.

What you get:

Like any other universal gas trimmer heads, the Maxpower 3317233 PivoTrim contains various parts in the package to reassure that it is a completely universal fit. In the package, you will get:

  • PivoTrim Head
  • Extra Trim Lines
  • Choices of adaptors for universal fit
  • Easy-to-install
  • Instructions

The most important thing that you must consider before buying any universal fit trimmer head is, that how easy it is to install. Most of these branded trimmer heads are not very easy to install as they claim, however, the Maxpower trimmer head is different from others as replacing the trimmer head for this PivoTrim comparatively easy and simple.

You need to find the perfect adaptor for your trimmer to install, and after installing, put the PivoTrim head back in its place to use the trimmer. It comes with a pack of strings connected to the pivots that are installed on the head, and once you place the head properly, then you can use the trimmer. 

The Maxpower PivoTrim line holders pivoting motion can reduce the risk of damage when you try to cut thick vegetation around the fence.  With this trimmer, you can easily trim the grass and the lines stay for longer time.  In fact, you can easily trim the entire fence line without any line breakage.

The Maxpower 3317233 PivotTrim Trimmer Head is not only available at an affordable price, but also it helps you save a lot of time to keep and maintain your lawns neat and clean. Many individuals said that they have felt relieved after using the Maxpower trimmer head compared to other brands.  The best thing about this PivoTrim is that you don’t need to buy the precut lines package, you can just buy a roll of 0.095 lines that you can find at any hardware store. You just need to cut the 5-inch lengths to replace the broken lines. This can help you save a lot of money and also you can cut the length of the strings to fit a particular type of gas powered trimmer.

The Maxpower 3317233 PivoTrim universal replacement trimmer head can easily fit most models of trimmers, including Bolens, Ariens, Craftsman, Echo, Cub Cadet, Green Machine, JohnDeere, and more.  All these models accept 0.080 or 0.095 diameter lines, and the best thing is, it is easy to install. The pivoting feature of Max power trimmer head prevents line breakage.


  • Fits 99 percent gas powered trimmer models
  • Comes with special pivoting design that avoids line breakage
  •  Easy-to-line load and Easy-to-install
  • Comes with premium pre-cut line


  • Easy-to-install
  • Strings do not wear out soon, they last longer
  • Fits for all models


  •  It gets off-balance if one or two strings break
  • To feed new line into Pivots could get hard
 Overall the Maxpower 3317233 PivoTrim Trimmer Head offers the best trimming experience and the strings last longer without any breakage. The trimmer allows you to trim the grass on the entire fencing line without any line break. It is one of the best and efficient models that is available on the market at an affordable price.
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