Lawn Mowers: Myths Busted

Lawns are known as public face of your home. A maintained lawn gives a good impression of the interiors of your house. Moreover, it explains that you are mature enough to take proper care of things.

  • You should cut your grass short: It is advised to cut your grass too short but it is not a good thing to do. First of all, your lawn boundaries will disappear into your neighbor’s and secondly, very short grass makes it susceptible to weeds. Never trim more than 1/3rd of the grass leaf. Make it a routine to mow your grass regularly with the help of a sharp mower. It will help you to maintain the correct length of the grass.
  • Water your lawn anytime in the day: It is not a good idea to water your lawn at any time of the day. The technique is to water it before sunset somewhat in between 6-10 am. It does not let the water evaporate to the sun and moreover it gives time to water so that it can dry before night. It reduces the risk of mildew and fungus.
  • Automatic sprinkler will save your money: Automatic sprinklers are encouraged these days but sprinklers without built-in rain sensor are merely wastage of water and money. Overactive sprinklers keep on sprinkling water during rains or even on stormy night.
  • Irrigation is necessary to maintain a healthy lawn: Watering your lawn is important but your grass can even do well without it. The tip of the grass turns brown during extreme temperatures and locks the moisture and nutrition of the grass. It goes into a state of dormancy this way. That’s why you should embrace its brown crown.
  • Water your lawn regularly: It is commonly said to water your lawn daily for 15 minutes. It is probably the biggest myth associated with the lawns. Watering your lawn daily will make it addict to the daily dose of water and less resistive to face the drought. Watering it twice a week for one hour is sufficient. So stop wasting your water and money anymore.
  • Do not pay attention to fertilizer bags: A few numbers are always written on the gunny bags that represents the percentage of elements like nitrogen, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus. Your plants do not need a good amount of all the elements. Nitrogen is the only necessary element for your plants; it will give you maximum results. Nitrogen is available in two kinds: soluble (quick release) and insoluble (slow release).
  • Grubs can ruin your lawn: This statement does not hold true entirely. If you find grubs in your lawn, it means you have grubs out there. The thing is you do not need to worry much about that. A lawn is naturally filled with insects and grubs are one of them. They will not eat out your entire lawn. 

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