Grass Gator 8010 Load n' Cut Replacement String Trimmer Head

The Grass Gator 8010 replacement string trimmer head will fit 99 percent of all gas powered grass trimmers. It is one of the best options available in the market that you can easily replace your regular feed and bump heads of your trimmers that are not easy to load. The old models are also not very easy to use, but, now with these new and advanced Grass Gator Load n’ Cut Replacement String Trimmer Head, it is very easy to trim even the thick vegetation. To compare it to other popular trimmer heads, check our trimmer head buyers guide.

The 8010 model trimmer head fits for almost all gas trimmers, including Echo Stihl, Weedeater, Bolens, Homelite, John Deere, Craftsman, Toro, and more.  You can easily install the line and it takes just a few seconds to install and you don’t need to use any tools to install the line.  The Grass Gator 8010 trimmer head is a perfect choice for both weeds and grass as it can clear the weeds and cuts the grass neatly and gives you a great trimming experience. The tough line of the Grass Gator 8010 offers outstanding service and durability.

Grass Gator 8010 Load N' Cut Trim Line Replacement Head will fit 99 percent of all types of gas trimmers and it is the great replacement for the regular trimmer heads that are difficult to load and use.  It contains 0.130 diameter line that offers amazing and durable services. The best part is, you can have trimmer the big yard in very short time with this Grass Gator 8010, and it can make your yard look good and clean for a longer time.

The advanced technology and ergonomic design of this Grass Gator replacement string trimmer head make this unique and best choice as it can easily fit most of the gas trimmers and you can easily reload the broken lines without using any tools.


  • Four-quick change lines
  • Takes 0.155, 0.130, 0.105, or 0.095 diameters of trimmer line
  • No spools to knock
  • It comes with re-loaded round0.130 trimmer line
  • No need to take out the trimmer head to reload more lines
  • Perfect option for big and open field and neat trimming tasks
  • Perfect for gas trimmers
  • You can change the line sizes according to your task

Installing Line on the Grass Gator 8010:

You can find the installation manual in the package that can help you install the lines on the grass trimmer easily. To reload the lines, you don’t need to remove the 8010 model trimmer head. With the use of steel cams, you can easily reload the line into the head.   If you want to remove the line from the trimmer head, then hold the 8010 replacement trimmer so that the bottom part of the head is shown and hold the exposed line from the inside of the trimmer head and pull it to the center. Now, you can remove all four line pieces.

Now, to install new lines (0.095 to 0.130 diameters) of six inches long, just push the lines into the head from outside, and if you the line from inside then pull it more and make sure that it is placed in the right place. Also, check if there is enough line coming from inside of the head, so that you can remove it easily whenever you need to replace the line.


  • The trimmer replacement head is the best choice for both weeds and grass
  • Comes with tough 0.130 diameter trimmer line
  • Offers outstanding service and durability
  • Fits 99 percent of all gas trimmers
  • Measures 7inches in width, 3inches in length, and 10inches in height
  • Designed for almost all gas weed trimmer and best replacement option for the regular feed and bump head
  • Easy-to-install


  • The strings sometimes pops up
  • Strings does not long for longer period
 Overall the Grass Gator 8010 trimmer head is the best options available in the market. The ergonomic design and the advanced technology is what makes this trimmer head the most popular among the several other trimmer heads. Get this affordable trimmer head today and get a great trimming experience.
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