Grass Gator 5600 Replacement String Trimmer Head Review

Grass Gator 5600 Trims and Edges String Trimmer Head is one of the best and lightweight trimmer head that fits 99 percent of all gas powered trimmers.  It uses a line from 0.95 to 0.105 diameters and comes with a four cutting lines. 

This four-line fixed trimmer head reduces tangled lines and spool winding and it is one of the best tools available on the market and perfect option for both edging and trimming as it uses 0.95 to 0,195 diameter trimmer line. Its one of the best trimmer heads available.

The Grass Gator 5600 is a perfect replacement for almost any gas grass trimmer, as it is designed very simple and comes with a durable plastic body and works powerfully as advertised by the manufacturer. Compared to the Orbitrim review, this is an amazing product.This Trims & Edges String Trimmer line is the most popular tool and it becomes instantly popular in the market because of its incomparable design and features that can easily accommodate for your own use. 

As you can find a large range of products on the market, choosing the right product can be a difficult task, especially when you want to buy for your own use. The Grass Gator is made of lightweight material that is high-rated and trend and gives you the best trimming experience.  The Grass Gator 5600 Trims & Edges String Trimmer line 0.95 is a pre-cut line, which offers perfect edging and trimming. It is surely one of the best and durable markets that contain highly-rated standard features and offers outstanding performance.

This Grass Gator String Trimmer head’s 0.95 trimmer line gives excellent trimming and offers a high-quality catalog. The best benefits of 5600 model are many as it comes with four cutting line, unlike the other trimmers that come with two lines. Also, the lines do not get tangled; however, you must have to pre-cut different lengths of the line before using it. You may have to reload line manually a couple of time during the trimming session.

The best thing about this Grass Gator 5600 model is it lasts longer period and helps you save a lot of time and money.  Initially, you may have to take a bit of frustration, but slowly once you get used to it, then you are sure to enjoy your trimming exercise.


  • Fitts 99 percent of all gas powered trimmers
  • Four-cutting line
  • Uses 0.95 to 0.105 diameter lines
  • Easy-to-install
  • Lightweight Design


  • The 5600 model’s pre-cut trimmer line head is designed for edging and trimming around the yard easily
  • Fits for most gas trimmer both curved and straight shafts
  • Flexible and it can be modified to fit according to your need by selecting the right line size for the task
  • Four pieces of lines
  • It takes lines 0.095, 0.080, or0.105 diameter
  • No need to take out the trimmer head to reload more line
  • No tools required for most installation
  • Includes pre-loaded with 0.095 high-quality trimmer line


  • Need to cut  different pre-cut lines before loading
  • Need to reload line by hand several times during trimming

Overall it is the best trimmer head that has strong and rugged built and outstanding design. It removes tangles and offers clean and neat trimming experience with it 0.95 lines.  You can easily replace the strings and it is a perfect choice for big yards.  Don’t wait any longer get Grass Gator 5600 Trimmer Head today for your lawn and get an outstanding trimming experience.

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