Electric lawn mowers vs Gas lawn mowers

Mowing a lawn is a vital part of maintaining its aesthetic beauty. One can easily maintain the tidiness of their lawn by himself with the invention of lawn mower.

A lawn mower is a machine with one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.  In earlier days people kept animals like sheep that can graze the lawns in order to keep the lawns trimmed or labor was kept to remove the weeds from hands. The invention of lawn mowers has benefited us with the saving of man power and extra time consumption.  

You will come across many varieties of lawn mowers differentiated from each other on the basis of their construction or working. Here, I would like to talk about two different types of lawn mowers: Electric and gas lawn mowers.

Though the ultimate functioning of both the lawn mowers is same they differ in their prices, features and source of energy. Both can be found suitable for different people or in different circumstances. If youre looking to trim your bushes and weeds, be sure to check out our Buyers guide on Orbitrim and similar products!

Let us have a look on the features of both the lawn mowers.

Impact on environment: Gas lawn mowers produce high noise of 106 decibels that is literally harmful for our environment. On the contrary, electric lawn mowers produce so less noise that they work almost quietly. Secondly, gas lawn mowers emit harmful and toxic gases because of the process of combustion. There are no such issues with the electric mowers. Electric gas mowers are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to our environment.

Ease of use: Electric lawn mowers can be easily started with the help of a push button whereas you need to pull the chord of gas heaters to start them which is not that easy. To start an older model of the gas mower may need to pull its chord more than once. Gas mowers need regular changing of oils and on the other hand, electric lawn mowers need to be charged after fix intervals of time. Gas lawn mowers needs to be maintained in a better way as compared to electric lawn mowers. 

Durability: Gas lawn mowers are far more traditional when compared with electric lawn mowers. The process of combustion is simpler when compared to the electric energy.

Performance: Gas lawn mowers are far more efficient when compared to the later. It can easily go through the toughest grasses and can work on uneven surface. It is more powerful and there is no risk of stopping the mower before finishing the work. On the other hand, electric gas mowers have limited runtime and cannot work on harder and tougher grass.

Safety concerns Both gas and electric mowers are hazardous due to the presence of sharp blades. Nearly, 70 thousand people get injured every year while mowing their lawn. Electric lawnmowers that require a cord can lead to accidents while mowing. It is advised to use the weed eaters with utmost care. Be prepared to avoid any kind of risk.

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