Cylinder Mower VS Rotary Mower

A beautiful lawn comes with a responsibility of taking care of it. Lawn mower is as important for a lawn as much as vacuum cleaner is important for a carpet.

There are basically these two types of mower which are used to cut the grass. These are Cylinder mower and Rotary mower. There are many differences between rotary and Cylinder mower. Rotary lawnmowers use blades that rotate on a vertical axis and are typically set in motion by either petrol or electric engines. Cylinder lawnmowers, also known as reel mower, use blades that cut on a horizontal axis. If youre on the other hand are looking for a weed whacker or gas trimmer, check out our Orbitrim review!

Apart from this, there are a few major differences between both of them. Let us have a look at them.

  • COST – This being the most important cause while purchasing any item. Costs of rotary lawnmowers vary , so it is important to research and compare different options. Rotary lawnmowers are generally more costly than cylinder lawn mowers which makes them the more affordable option.
  • MAINTAINENCE - Cylinder lawnmowers are less expensive to buy, they also require less maintenance than the rotary lawn mower. Rotary lawn mowers require more maintenance, especially if they run from a petrol engine; although, the blades do not need adjustments as precise as the cylinder models. They require refuelling if the engine runs off of petrol. Purchaser may consider purchasing a cylinder mower sharpener to keep up with adjustments.
  • CUT QUALITY - The quality of the cut is predicted by the number of blades. The more blades, the better the cut will be. Under ideal circumstances, the cylinder cut’s quality is remarkable to that of the rotary mower. Most people would not be able to tell the difference in the quality of an everyday. Some cylinder lawnmowers can cut as close as 0.5 cm and up to 2.5 cm, without compromising too much quality where as Rotary mowers cut between 1.3 cm to 10.2 cm without any deterioration in quality . It is generally known that the cut quality of a cylinder lawnmower is more powerful and better for the health of the grass.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT -The rotary lawnmower has more negative impact on environment , because of its dependence upon its power source. As, the lawn mower is energized by petrol, the fatigue released pollutes the environment and there are also risks of fuel spills and leaks. In case of Cylinder mowers most cylinder lawnmowers are manual and do not use a power source. Therefore, they do not release any pollution and have little to no environmental impacts.

The biggest difference between the rotary and cylinder mower are in the way that they cut grass. The rotary lawnmower uses blades that rotate on a vertical axis, while the cylinder mower uses blades on a horizontal axis. The quality of cut is also a major cause. No matter which type of land mower you choose Cylinder or Rotary you will always have some pros that they both have and maybe some cons that they share. The factor to decide is how often the lawn is to be cut also plays an important role.

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