Pros and Cons of cordless weed eaters

Cordless stringed trimmer is an ultimate combination of many utmost required features. It has a push start button, ensures zero emissions, do not require any kind of regular maintenance and comparatively silent operations. Apart from all these features, it provides the ease and convenience of gas trimmers.

Cordless weed eaters are the latest edition to the weed eater family. Be sure to check out our buyers guide on Orbitrim and compatible weed eaters! They have become popular since the last decade. Before that time it was impossible to think about the battery operated models.

Corded lawn mowers or weed eaters are sometimes impossible to manage. The long cords become messy and stretching them up to long distances becomes too hard at times. The cords are never long enough and there are hardly any switches outside the house. So, on the whole working with corded lawn mowers or string trimmers is no less than a pain.

The entry of cordless weed eaters in the market changed the whole scenario. These are low cost options to perform the routine trimming task. Like any other product both pros and cons are associated with it. Let us have a look on details.


  • Just because they are cordless, there is no distance limitation with cordless weed eaters. You can go at any far distance without stretching wires or any kind of mess.
  • Because it does not include any wires, there is no getting caught in brushes or trees.
  • When you move along with a cord, passing through a bicycle or car is a major task. Now all the moving forward is hassle-free.
  • No barriers can stop you from moving forward if you are using cordless weed eaters.
  • Cordless weed eaters run on battery and do not include any in-built engine or anything. That is why it does not make any extra noise. It silently performs its duty. When compared with gas mowers which make so much noise while operating, cordless lawn trimmers are no less than bliss for you and your neighbors too.
  • There is no combustion in the working of cordless weed eaters. They are totally battery operated and that is why no toxic gases are emitted during the process.
  • When compared with electric weed eaters, gasoline or battery operated weed eaters are more powerful. You can use them for the cutting process of tallest grass even.
  • Cordless weed heaters are extremely lightweight. Being lightweight, they are portable too. You can easily carry them around. Gasoline powered lawn mowers are too heavy when compared with electric lawn mowers.
  • Battery operated cordless electric gas mowers are totally eco-friendly. No toxic emits are ever noticed.


  • The battery of cordless weed eaters has a limited runtime. It needs to be recharged from to time if you want to use it properly. The operation time of the batteries is too short.
  • You cannot use these weed eaters for larger farms or care to have fully charged battery replacements.
  •  Battery replacements are quite costly.
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