How to choose the best string trimmer?

Lawn mower is a heavy machine and you cannot take it out each time a weed pop out. That is when string trimmers came into existence. These are small, lightweight and portable devices are a simpler solution to the trimming problems. You can use for smaller problems without even breaking sweat.

A few trimmers can also be used as edger and can clear the corner, walkways, fences and boundary areas where mowers cannot reach. They neatly clean the areas and give your home a most welcoming environment.

As the name suggests, string trimmer is a flexible monofilament line that helps in cutting grass and weeds. The cutting head is located at the end of the shaft. It has a handle and sometimes a shoulder strap too. Be sure to check our buyers guide on Orbitrim and compatible string trimmers!

While buying a string trimmer, the first decision you need to make is whether you need an electric or gas trimmer. Based on their fuels and working, string trimmers are divided in two major parts.

  • Gas trimmers: Gas trimmers are cordless and tend to be quite powerful. These are perfectly suited for larger areas and can easily undertake heavy-duty jobs. Gas powered trimmers can be further classified into two categories: 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. 2-stroke engines require a mixture of gas and oil while 4-stroke engines do not require oil and gas mixture. 4-stroke engines are easier to start and run more smoothly.
  • They are pull starters and that is why gas powered trimmers can be difficult to start at times. They make lots of noise while operating and weighs much more than electric models.
  • Gas trimmers require periodic maintenance to work efficiently.
  • Gas trimmers can use lines with large diameters. The best part is that it accepts a large number of attachments. It consists of dual trimmer head that allows faster cut.
  • Electric models:  Electric models are further divided into corded and cordless. Cordless models are powered by Lithium-ion or NiCad rechargeable batteries. Being cordless they offer easy mobility and quieter operations. Both cordless and corded string trimmers are lighter than gas trimmers.
  • The choice of corded or cordless type of electric mowers largely depends on the size of the lawn, location of the power source and how often you use it.
  • Cordless lawn mowers have limited run time but it gives you total freedom from gas and cords. Being battery operated it is extremely lightweight. The product is totally eco-friendly- no gas, oil or fumes are associated to it. The problem occurs when the battery of the cordless mowers stop working after sometime. You have to recharge it each time you use. Replacement battery of the cordless heaters is quite expensive.
  • On the contrary corded electric mowers have unlimited runtime. The consistent supply of power keeps it running till the time you want. These are more economical when compared to gas models.
  • The issue is you have to deal with long power cords all the time. The limited length of power cords causes poor mobility which may irritate you and make your work messy.
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