Stihl Gas trimmer Review

If you are one of those persons who are totally in love with a well-groomed landscape, the whirring sound of a trimmer and the smell of freshly cut grass will satisfy you to the core. Either you are talking about a weed eater, weed whacker, grass trimmer or weed trimmer; you are referring almost same devices which are built differently.

Stihl provides you with one of the best gas trimmers around. Stihl trimmers are loaded with professional feature power; they are fuel-efficient and last longer. These are specially designed for heavy-duty tasks such as controlled trimming and extended mowing applications. Be sure to check out our review on Oribtrim and similar products!

Read on to know more about the specifications and working of Stihl gas trimmer.


  • Construction: The trimmer is designed is such a way that it maintains a power-to-weight ratio. Each ounce of weight of the trimmer is well-balanced and aids in work. This gas trimmer is an example how a single purpose weed trimmer can complete the task with this ease. The trimmer has a D-shaped handle which is adjustable enough for the height of all kind of users. It weighs around 12.5 pounds only and is quite easy to carry.
  • Power: Stihl gas trimmer is powered by a 27.2 cc, two-cycle engine and works reliably. The engine requires one thing to work properly and that is the proper fuel mix. The gas chamber of the trimmer can store 11.5 ounces of fuel at a time. This much amount of gas is sufficient for this small trimmer.
  • Working: You can adjust the D-shape handle of the trimmer according to your height. Being lightweight, it can be easily directed around porches, trees and fences. Stihl gas trimmer is loaded with anti-vibration technology and thus helps in reducing muscle strain. The trimmer head of the trimmer incorporates a 16.5-inch cutting swath. The heavy-duty blades and different types of shoulder straps are the only accessories that are included by the trimmer. This particular stihl trimmer does not support multi-tool functionality.
  • Warranty and service: Stihl gas trimmer carries an overall warranty of 2 years on the being. Its shaft is loaded with a lifetime warranty. You can take stihl gas trimmer to its authorized service center or you can consult online manual as well. The service agents are of the company can be contacted through email or phone as well.


  • Stihl gas trimmers serve the singular purpose of trimming grass but they excel in it.
  • It is quite easy to start and stop these gas trimmers.
  • Stihl gas trimmers work quietly and do not cause any disturbance.   
  • The engine of the stihl gas trimmer is small and that is why it is compact.
  • You need not worry about any cords.
  • The height of the handle of gas trimmer is adjustable and it is lightweight.


  • Stihl gas trimmer uses more fuel for small gas trimmers.
  • The batteries and chargers of the trimmer are separately sold.
  • Stihl gas trimmers are a pricey option to maintain the wonderful looks of your lawn.

If youre looking for a cheaper alternative, check the Orbitrim trimmer.

Stihl Gas Trimmer

Stihl Gas Trimmer

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