Orbitrim gas trimmer review

Popularly known as no string head gas trimmer, Orbitrim has received a wonderful review over years. It performs the job of three different tools and is a safe alternative to trimmer, edger and hedger.

Orbitrim is 100% safe to use with flowers, and different plants which are at risk while you are trimming. It is basically a revolutionary trimmer head that fits almost every trimmer. It is specifically designed for plants and flower lovers. When the steel blades of the trimmer rotate, it cuts everything found inside the ring. At the same time, anything that stays outside the ring is completely safe. We would also like to recommend you to check our Orbitrim and weed eater buyers guide!

Read on to know more about the features and specifications of the orbitrim gas trimmer.


  • Construction: According to the manufacturers of the trimmer, the sole purpose behind the designing it is that you can spend more time in the gardening or cleaning of the lawn. Basically, just because it is the replacement of a string trimmer, it is easier to use. The curved bottom of the orbitrim gas trimmer makes it easier to cut over the grass evenly throughout. The blades of the gas trimmer are made up of stainless steel which assures the regular trimming and makes the trimmer more durable. Its blade is sleek and compact.
  • Power: The stainless steel blade is quite powerful to trim your ground neatly. The best part of this gas trimmer it that it works without hurting flowers. It only cleans the unwanted debris and weeds without disturbing the aesthetic beauty of your lawn. One of the most economical trimming tools, orbitrim is the answer to all of your problems. The model can be attached with various attachments as per your requirement.
  • Working: The company claim that orbitrim gas trimmers can trim almost anything including hedges, thick grass, edges and thick bushes. It is one of the best tools to keep your lawn in a perfect shape.
  • Warranty and service: The easy to operate trimmer is loaded with 5 years of guarantee.


  • The number of satisfied customers of orbitrim is very high.
  • The grass is soft and short or there are hard weeds, orbitrim is suitable to all. It is totally safe to use and there is a special technique of using it. 
  • If maneuvered in a specific way, orbitrim can deal with tall grass as well.
  • The original version of orbitrim is quite affordable.
  • It is flower friendly and does not cause any harm to flowers.


  • According to many users, the product falls apart very quickly.
  • A lot of clients complain about the housing pipe. It is complained that the plastic housing pipe melts on its own.
  • In other cases, the attachments of the trimmer break or damages the trimmer itself.
  • The blades of the trimmer are not much sharp and create a dramatic look.
  • A few clients have also complained about its shaking structure.
 The cheap plastic parts of the trimmer do not last very long. An alternative to this one thats a bit better is the Stihl gas trimmer head.
Orbitrim Gas Trimmer

Orbitrim Gas Trimmer

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