Orbitrim Reviews – Is it truly the best weed wacker trimmer head?

A house is incomplete without a manicured lawn, well trimmed hedges, and neatly edged flower beds. Gardening includes tasks like mowing, trimming and hedging. To keep an enviously beautiful lawn or garden is not a herculean task if you have the right tools in your gardening toolkit. Among all the tools a trimmer is the most versatile tool with which you can perform almost all the earlier mentioned chores in a garden. If you are looking for a sleek, sharp and handy trimmer head for your needs then this guide is for you. 

In this buyers guide, I will discuss features, benefits and potential issues of this compact  trimmer head. I have also chosen to compare it to other popular trimmer heads. There are a lot of Orbitrim tests out there, the difference is, this one is a completely honest review to help you get the best possible trimmer head for you gas trimmer. So what are we waiting for?! Lets get on with it!

Orbitrim Buyers guide and Best Weed Eater Heads summary:


Our Rating


Orbitrim Trimmer Head

Orbitrim Trimmer head

orbitrim pro

Orbitrim Pro

rino tuff trimmer head


aero flex replacement trimmer head


maxpower 3317233 pivotrim

Maxpower 3317233

grass gator 5600 trims edges

Grass Gator 5600

grass gator 8010 loadncut

Grass Gator 8010

grass gator 4680 heavy duty

Grass Gator 4680

oregon 55-265 trimmer head

Oregon 55-265

Orbitrim Review 2018

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